Comfort at Low Cost


Megan P

Skylar Schuck in her thrifted clothes. Photo by: Megan Proberts

Riley Story, Reporter

  Not only is thrifting good for the earth but it’s very stylish for today’s generation. Gen-Z does the most thrifting, whether it’s picking out an older style piece of clothing to go with a more stylish outfit, or to buy and totally flip a piece of clothing. 

     If you get lucky you may be able to find a really good piece of clothing. Brands like Nike, Champion, and Under Armour are some good brands people look for. You could either buy clothing from these stores or you can even donate to some thrift shops. 

     When you donate, not only are you getting rid of clothes, you are giving them to some place where the clothing will most likely be used again, instead of throwing them away. 

     More people go thrifting for more older styles, like turtlenecks, distressed jeans, old sweaters, old shoes and jewelry. Generally these clothes are comfortable and they dont cost as much as if you were to go somewhere else for clothes. 

     When giving your clothes away, most thrift stores check to see how good the clothing is before they put it in the store, that way the clothing you buy is in good shape and they will most likely stay that way for a while after that depending on what it is.

     Most thrift stores ask that the clothing that they receive is fully laundered and in good condition. Most places look for that kind of stuff, they will look for stains, holes, peels and any kind of issues with the clothing. Some drop off places like goodwill ask to have no hangers, and that they are clean and in good shape to sell again. 

     That way when you go thrifting you don’t spend your money on something that is gonna be in bad shape.

     Many trends have started to come back. Trends like all denim, neutral colors and baggy styles are seen more than most. 80’s trend styles have been coming back also, like the football varsity jackets, windbreakers and basically any kind of older jackets and sweaters you can find going thrifting, and you get them at low price, when they’re usually not very cheap. 

     You can find college clothes that are older, like KU, K-State, and you can probably find other state colleges as well. 

Thrifting is great for the earth also. You are reusing stuff that has already been used at least once. If you like the ocean, it also somewhat keeps the oceans free of cloth and different materials. Thrifting is also better than buying from stores that use fast fashion, like“Catwalk trends”, in other words, expensive. 

The clothes that don’t make it into the thrift stores usually go to recycling companies so they can recycle and make more clothes or other things. 

Q&A with Skylar Shuck:

What thrift stores have the best clothing options?

“Plato’s Closet or Savers”

Is thrifting helpful to the earth in your opinion?

“Yes, definitely”

What is your favorite thrift find?

“Campion KU Hoodie”