New parent drop off system causes traffic issues


Mallory Brooks, Reporter

Traffic issues before and after school causing frustration among students. The traffic has been an issue in the past but this year with the new drop off system, it seems to be even worse.

“The traffic to get into school usually takes me about twenty minutes,” junior Lexi Shellhammer said. “It is way worse than previous years.”

The new parent drop off system backs up 151st street and causes the amount of time it takes to get in and out of school to be longer.

Junior Ava Coker, who parks in the G lot, talks about the struggle of getting out of school with the parent drop off. 

“I thought it would be easy to get in and out of,” Coker said.“Not a single [parent] will let a student through until a teacher comes and starts conducting traffic.”

It takes both Shellhammer and Coker about fifteen to twenty minutes to get into school and both agree that the parent drop off is a big reason.

“The way that the new setup is with the freshman getting dropped off in the back, backs up the line to get in to turn right into the school way worse” Shellhammer said.

Turning into the school seems to take a big chunk of time for students to get into their parking lots. 

“I just sit at the red light and no one lets me in on that left turn,” Coker said. “I have to go there, I can’t go through the back because I’m in the G lot.” Coker says she gets to school around 7:55 and is late everyday. 

Students have jobs and places to be after school and sitting in traffic for a long time can be problematic.

“I have a job I have to be at at 4 and I have to rush to get to my job and it ends up with me being late,” Coker said. 

Coker is not the only student who has to get to a job after school. 

“The way I have to get to work goes straight through South traffic and Indian Trail traffic,” Shellhammer said.

Having another school next to South does make things difficult as well. Obviously the traffic is not going to magically get better instantly, but hopefully in the near future it will get easier for students. 

“It’s even worse this year than it was last year,” Coker says.