Helping seniors prepare for college

Emily Gray, Copy Editor

With the end of the year and, for seniors, the end of high school coming to a close, many of the graduating class have plans for the coming fall. A majority of students are going to be starting college and that comes with stresses of its own. Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare for the start of college!

  • Of course the most important is to be organized. Make sure to have all of your belongings packed in advance before moving into the dorm to eliminate the possibility of leaving something behind. 
  • Make a list. This helps to remember everything that needs to get done and it can help reduce feeling overwhelmed with all of your tasks.
  • Walk your schedule. I hate going into a situation where I feel out of my element, especially on the first day of classes. Walk to each building in advance so you know how long it is going to take you to get to each one, while also helping you familiarize yourself with the area.
  • Try to get involved. Find clubs and activities that pique your interest! This is a great way to explore new hobbies while also making friends that have the same passions. 
  • Find something to help relax. College is an extremely stressful time so finding a way to calm down is important. That could be reading, journaling, going for a walk or another form of exercise, hanging out with friends, cooking, playing video games, or talking to a peer.
  • Finally, find something in your college town to go out and do! There’s always a town favorite restaurant or coffee shop or boutique to go shopping. Getting to know not just your college, but the town can help you to feel more connected to the community!