Review of Final Episode of Wonder Egg Priority

Don Davis

Following content contains spoilers for the animated show “Wonder Egg Priority.”


The final episode of Wonder Egg Priority was released on Tuesday, March 30. Before the episode was released fans were all wondering “How will the show cover all the missing plot points?” When the episode was released, their question was answered; the show ignored half of the existing plot and also added additional plot. Each character has incomplete plot that would be almost impossible to cover in a single episode:


Ai Ohto: 

The main character of the show faces the least amount of problems. In the most recent episode she managed to escape and stay safe. After Ai escaped she decided that she wanted to win against the antagonist, Frill. The only way for Ai to do this is to become a “Warrior of Eros” which can be easily solved with a timeskip in the show.


Neiru Aonuma:

In the most recent episode, Neiru was almost completely missing. She does not face many problems but fans still wonder “What role does she play?” 


Rika Kawai / Momoe Sawaki:

Rika and Momoe face similar problems, both of their pets were murdered by the antagonist. Rika wants revenge, even at the cost of her own life. On the other hand Momoe wants nothing to do with the antagonist and decides to run away from her problems.


The final episode created more questions than it answered and the show is currently incomplete. To attempt to fix the show, the production team is releasing a special episode on June 30th.  Some of the audience, however, believes that the show will not be able to cover all of the missing plot and we will still end with an incomplete story. Overall, the show has been extremely good and unique, so many fans are hopeful that the production team will be able to fix the plot holes in the show and give it a good ending.