Warm Weather Activities

Gianna Y Comelli, Reporter

Spring is here and it’s about to get warm. No more staying inside on your phone all day. If it’s not raining you need to be out before it’s scolding hot. Take advantage of the opportunities you’ve been given! 

No more civilized tables and chairs, throw it back to the old fashioned picnics! Grab a couple friends and make a day out of it. You can make some sandwiches or get your favorite fast food to take along. Have lunch in a pretty park with a view but not by too many people where you can’t relax. Enjoy the sense of company and serenity. Don’t forget your blanket!

If you can drive, now’s the time to roll down your windows and play your favorite tunes. Of course, not too loud to the point where you can’t focus. Driving safely is always a must, but don’t be afraid to turn it up a little. Live while you can.

Photoshoots don’t only boost your confidence but they create so many fun memories. Bring along some friends and find a nice place to take some pictures. You don’t have to limit yourself to indoor pictures anymore. The weather is nice, so go out! There’s Shawnee Mission Park, Lake Lenexa, Kill Creek, and so many more places with a fantastic background. Maybe you’ll even get a candid shot of the wind blowing through your hair!

If you’re looking for some yummy food and good vibes, go to your local farmers market. There’s several around here, the most popular one probably being in downtown KC. These places got everything from homemade jewelry to hand picked fruits and veggies. My personal favorite is the Italian deli in The City Market, where you can get all sorts of cheeses, sausages, and olive salads.

Now this is not even a teaspoon of how much you can do. When the weather is warm, there’s endless activities you can take part in. Being indoors 24/7 can be damaging to the soul. Going outside can help alleviate some negative feelings you may be having… SO GET OUT!