Spring into a new romance with one of these four authors

Morgan Montgomery, Business Manager

With spring around the corner and flowers beginning to bloom, there’s something else in the air; romance. Here are some of my favorite romance authors to check out this spring.

In the number one spot is John Greene. Greene has a way with words, the way he writes makes you feel as though you are immersed in the story, like you are the main character. The storyline of his novels is enticing and keeps you on your toes, never knowing what comes next while also knowing the novel will make you cry. The characters are relatable and are an accurate depiction of teenagers’ thoughts, actions, and decision-making processes, something seldom authors have achieved. Most of his book’s first half is establishing the relationship between the characters, and the back half is about the relationship and it’s hardships and journey. Some of his works include “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Paper Towns,” and my personal favorite “Looking for Alaska.”

Coming in at the number two spot is Sarah Dessen. Dessen’s writing differs from Greene’s in the fact that she is more detail-oriented, there is dialogue, but there are many paragraphs describing even just one scene. Dessen also has a way with words, she knows what readers like. While not everyone appreciates her style of writing, however, her writing style gives what some authors lack, a very detailed picture in the reader’s head due to the use of excessive adjectives, but in a good way. Usually, her novels are mostly establishing the relationship, their story, the payoff is only in the last few pages of the novel. Some works include “The Truth About Forever,” “Just Listen,” and my personal favorite “Saint Anything.” 

Third is Nicholas Sparks. As cliche as this is, he is one of the best romance authors today. “The Notebook,” his first novel, was published in 1996, and he’s still publishing books today. Unlike the previous two authors, Sparks is more adult romance as opposed to young adult. His characters normally have a history, they’ve been through something heart-wrenching and how that experience has shaped them and how they’re finding love, and themselves, again. Sparks writes about more serious topics, his novels are geared more towards mature audiences, whatever age that might be, the same can be said for Greene. Some works include “The Last Song,” “A Bend in the Road,” and my first choice, “The Lucky One.”

Last, but most certainly not least, is Kasie West. Kasie West’s books are easy, fast reads. They aren’t too complicated, yet they have typical, cliche love stories, something I, personally, love. They’re mostly unconventional couples, the people you wouldn’t usually see together almost always end up together. Like Dessen, West’s books are mostly the establishment of the relationship and the moments they share prior to the start of the relationship. West’s characters are very relatable and, more often than not, someone you want/strive to be. Some of her works include “P.S. I Like You,” “Lucky In Love,” and my favorite, “The Distance Between Us.”