What Students Think About Full-Time School

Sydney Slaton, Reporter

As of last week, all of the in-person students at Olathe South have gone back to school full-time. 

It seems that many students like hybrid learning more than full-time after this week. They were used to the hybrid schedule and liked all the free time, so adjusting to the full-time school was tough.

“Honestly I wanted it at first but after getting used to hybrid, this is different. I was just really busy this week so it was not working out that well,” sophomore Maddie Lauffer said. 

Sophomore Allison Hartzog was in the a.m. hybrid group and loved the extra time after school.

“I really liked hybrid because it gave us a lot more time to do homework after school when it was needed, time to just relax,” Hartzog said.

However, now that students are back to full-time learning, there isn’t much that many of them enjoy about school. Getting to see people from the other hybrid group just isn’t enough. 

“I get to see some people I didn’t see beforehand because they were in p.m. and I was in a.m., but that’s probably the one thing I like,” Hartzog said. 

One problem many students have with full-time school is the bell schedule. For many, 90-minute classes are too long and they just want to have “every class every day.”

“I just wish we had the schedule that we had last year because in some classes I cannot focus for that long,” Lauffer said. 

Another thing many students don’t like about going to school full-time is lunch, many students feel like lunch is very secluded and they miss interacting with their friends.

“Lunches are not fun, you have to sit by yourself, I mean you can always sit by people you know but it’s not really the same,” Hartzog said. “I know it won’t go back to the way it was for a really long time but that’s something I’d like to get back.”

After the crazy year students have had, many wish the school would stop switching everything around, especially with only a few months left in the school year. 

“I’d rather they just pick something and stay with it, it’s hard to go from one thing to the next and then going back. It’s exhausting getting accustomed to new things every week,” Hartzog said. 

Many students like Hartzog would say this hectic week “sucked so bad,” but everyone is just trying to get used to the new schedule. While many students preferred hybrid, others might be excited about going back to school full-time.

“I think it’s half and half, some kids are better with hybrid and some are better with full-time,” Lauffer said.