PRETTYMUCH releases the deluxe edition of new EP Smackables


Morgan Montgomery, Business Manager

The boyband PRETTYMUCH released the deluxe edition of their newest EP, Smackables, on Feb 25, and the additions are wonderful. If you want to read the review of the EP, you can do so here. The deluxe edition included three songs that didn’t feature on the album. ‘Lonely,’ ‘Corpus Cristi,’ and ‘Smackables.’ All three songs are phenomenal.

‘Lonely’ is a song about, as the title suggests, being lonely. They don’t have their girl, whether it’s because of a breakup, or another reason, and it stresses them out, messes them up. The beat of the song is relatively simple, especially in the first half of the chorus, it’s only a guitar strumming softly. After, the beat builds until the verses, where it’s more drum-heavy and semi-drum heavy, until the chorus, where it drops down again. 

‘Corpus Cristi’ is about a girl cheating on her boyfriend, the perspective being from the guy she’s cheating with. The girl is in a relationship, but still comes down to Corpus Cristi to be with the other guy. the other guy is perfectly fine with this, encourages it even.  It’s definitely a bop, you can’t listen to it without dancing in some way as the beat captivates the listener. 

Last, but most certainly not least, is ‘Smackables.’ The song is about a relationship that’s not meant to last forever, it’s only summer fun. The guy is wondering if she thinks about him on her own when he’s not there. It’s yet another bop that you can’t help but dance to. It sounds more synthesized than the other two added deluxe songs, but it works, it sounds really good. 

Overall, the three deluxe songs are a great addition to the EP. This is my favorite PRETTYMUCH EP thus far, until their next one at least.