Ways to Stay Warm

Gianna Comelli, Reporter

The past week has been nothing short of freezing. Even with a coat, hat, and gloves on it still feels like Alaska. Blizzards, power outages, and icy roads have been the recipe for disaster lately. But have no fear, for there’s still ways you can keep warm and cozy. 

Now it’s obvious you should be bundled up before you leave, but only get dressed right before you’re about to walk out the door. If you’re standing around in the house, your body will get used to the warmth of the coat. When you go outside the coat will no longer be as effective as it used to be. 

Feel like it’s freezing in the house but Dad won’t turn up the heat? Easy fix, go stand outside! Obviously don’t get yourself sick, but 30 seconds should do with how cold it’s been. Your body will get really cold as it tries to equal out with the air around it. Once you go inside it’ll feel like you’re stepping into a warm oven.

Let’s say you’re sleeping with a jacket on and 5 blankets and you’re still cold. Drink something hot. Try tea instead of coffee since it’s less caffeinated. When the warm drink goes into your body all the cold melts away. Then get right to bed.

There’s a couple other tips that are probably common sense. Double up on everything you can. Have blankets in your car as well as extra coats, gloves, etc. Hug people to steal their body heat (this tip might be harder to use with the pandemic). Heat up your cars prior to leaving. Don’t go outside unless it’s necessary.

Until we start to see some sun, we all should follow these tricks. All in all no matter what we do, it’s going to be freezing. Just make the best of it because hey, at least we’re alive. Y’all be safe out there.