LeBron continues to work out kinks

Jacob McKay, Reporter

LeBron James is the most popular athlete in the United States.

LeBron was a special player immediately on his entry to the league, and Cleveland grew each year he played there, reaching the 2007 NBA finals. The Cavaliers lost four straight games in the finals due to a lack of help for LeBron.

That theme was similar in following seasons as the Cavaliers never again made it out of the Eastern Conference.

In 2010, LeBron was a free agent and, in an unprecedented move, announced he was going to play with the Miami Heat. For four seasons, the team reached the finals all four years and won twice. In 2014, the team struggled and fell to the San Antonio Spurs, drawing speculation on whether LeBron would leave the team.

He did, and decided to return to Cleveland to pursue a championship for Ohio.

The team had struggled mightily since his departure, but had gained several top draft picks that made an attractive group with complementary young talent.

The team has not had a smooth start to the season. First year head coach David Blatt has struggled leading the team. The team was below .500 about a month ago, drawing speculation as to whether or not Cleveland made the right move.

Cleveland may be only 10 games over .500, but that team is good enough to go to the NBA Finals.

There is too much talent there for LeBron to work with. And he could potentially will this team to the first championship for Ohio in six decades.