A Problem With School Systems

Jalil Smith, Reporter

There has been a problem with the school education system for a long time. The problem being that they push their students to receive a higher form of education, but they don’t teach them the essentials to living in today’s society. 


While they do have classes that teach you things like finance, driver education, law, etc, they usually aren’t a priority to multiple school systems. People need to know how to do their taxes and make budgets. However, they make you take higher forms of Algebra and English. Both of these subjects are important, but knowing how much money you need to give the government is even more so. 


Regardless of whether or not you would like to pursue a certain career, school systems make it obvious that you must take classes that you may or may not be interested in. I do understand that it is important to take the basics of every subject, however, you shouldn’t be required to go to the next stage if you don’t want to. 


There have been adults who have said that they haven’t used some of their skills even to this day. 


A 2019 study showed that “the average American uses just 37% of what they learned in school in their daily lives” according to studyfinds.org.


In that same study, “six in ten adults (57%) feel a course on money management and budgeting in high school would have been helpful for them.”


I believe that there is a solution to this problem. Schools need to make cooking classes, finance classes, law classes, and driving classes mandatory. Without this, students will never truly understand how to live out in the real world.