Top 5 animes to watch in one day

Lola Cooper, reporter


  • The Promised Neverland


This anime currently has one finished season of 12 episodes and a second season currently airing, with 2 episodes so far. The first season is both subbed and dubbed, but the second is only subbed. The Promised Neverland can be watched on Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max. The show is about children who live in an orphanage and live a happy childhood until they are adopted, but then they question if it’s really as great as it’s being made out to be.

  • Erased


Erased has a total of 12 episodes and the story will pull you in by the first episode. A boy is sent back in time to his childhood to solve a murder mystery that happened in his hometown a long time ago. Erased can be watched in both sub and dub. You can watch it on Crunchyroll, Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix.

  • Beastars


If you’re looking for an easy binge this is the anime for you. In the show, a gentle wolf is starting to awaken his predatory urges as his schoolmates are dealing with a murder. It has only 12 episodes. Beastars  explores topics such as being comfortable in your own skin, controlling your nature, and many more. You can find this anime on Netflix.

  • Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest


This is an unfinished anime of only one season with 13 episodes. A season 2 release date has not been confirmed. The show is about a highschool boy named Hajime Nagumo who gets summoned with his class into a fantasy world where he tumbles into a monster filled dungeon after being betrayed by someone among his classmates. He is doing everything he can to survive this dungeon and make it back home. This can be watched on Hulu along with Amazon Prime and Youtube with a payment of $1.99.

  • Charlotte


Charlotte is an amazing anime for those who like watching shows where the characters have powers. In this anime, a comet called Charlotte passes near Earth once every 75 years. As it passes, it spreads dust onto the Earth, which causes a tiny percentage of children who inhale the dust to manifest superhuman abilities until reaching puberty.  Charlotte is both sub and dub. This can be watched on Hulu. Charlotte has 13 episodes in total plus one episode special.