Tips for Remote Learning

Avery Hoisington, Reporter

With a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, it has been announced that, starting November 30, middle and high school students will be returning to remote learning indefinitely. For students and teachers throughout the district, it may be a dreaded adjustment. Nevertheless, here are a few ways to adapt to the unusual method of learning.

One way to stay on track during the day is to have a designated space to learn. If you are in bed or lying down during classes, it is likely you may feel drained and unmotivated. Increase productivity by sitting at a desk or counter while working.

Avoid distractions during class. Keeping your phone near you can lead to disengagement. It is essential to put away any interruptions while you are trying to stay concentrated.

Being organized can relieve a bit of the stress that comes with remote learning. Similar to in-person classes, stay organized by using folders for documents on Google Drive. Additionally, if you prefer physical copies of your assignments, keep them in folders or binders. This way you can keep track of homework organized.

Communication is particularly important when it comes to learning from home. If you are having issues with Wi-Fi or an application itself, email or message your teacher to let them know, so you won’t be counted as absent.

Remote learning may be difficult at first, but consider using these strategies next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed.