1922 Movie Review

Corey Rott, Reporter

1922 starts off in Hemington Virginia in, you guessed it, 1922. Wilfred James, his wife Arlette James, and their son Henry live in Nebraska on a farm. Arlette decides she’s sick of the country life and wants to sell the farm and move to the city where she can start a hat shop. Wilfred’s whole life has been on the farm and he doesn’t want to leave it now. Henry likes his days on the farm as well but the main reason he wants to stay is because his girlfriend Shannon is closeby. A dark plan forms in the mind of Wilfred on how he can keep the farm and he convinces his son to help him. From this action death, poverty, and extreme hardship strike.

The beginning part of the plot was a good starter but the way it was delivered caused the movie to progress slowly. If you like fast paced action movies you will find few scenes in this movie that fit the bill. Wilfred’s Southern accent makes him hard to understand at times. The events such as when Wilfred gets bitten by a rat and snowed into his home are very slow to happen such as when he gets his arm amputated they gloss over it all. There are few highs and lows and it mainly plays out as if you were reading some tragic tale in history that just went on and on. Harlen, Shannon’s father, dislikes the relationship between his daughter and Wilfred’s son Henry. But they don’t show enough of the feud once again it’s passed over without much attention as if the writers are waiting for some big plot event to happen and when nothing spectacular happens but a depressing end to a pitiful story you’re left yearning for something the movie didn’t have even after the credits roll. Out of ten I would give this horror film a three, for sheer lack of excitement.