“The God of Highschool” an Anime With Good Action but Confusing Plot


Jalil Smith, Reporter

The God of Highschool, written by Yongje Park, was one of the most hyped up anime of the season. Seeing as how good the storytelling and art were on the Webtoon (a website used to publish webcomics), fans were expecting the anime to resemble the Korean comic in almost its entirety. Fans of the webcomic would be very confused with the story portrayed in the anime.

There were many positive things that can be said about the show. The animation is nothing short of outstanding as it was animated by the popular animation studio known as Mappa. The animation flowed nicely and you could tell that the company worked their hardest while animating these scenes. 

The opening, ending and background music featured oddities such as dubstep and afrocentric music that not many anime have. 

The character design was amazing as well. It looked almost exactly like the character design in the webtoon. The only negative thing that could be said about the character design would be the red noses that appear on almost every character.

Just like there were positives there were also negatives. The studio had to put 100+ chapters of content into 13 episodes which resulted in multiple problems. 

Many parts of the Webtoon were left out such as the explanation of Charyeok (the special powers used), one of the forms of the main villain (Jaegal) and the backstory of important characters. In addition to this, they also reduced the character motivation of Mori Jin, the protagonist, to just “I want to get stronger.” 

They added things that never happened in the Webtoon like Mori Jin beating Illypo and Mira Yoo (another protagonist) gaining her sword earlier than expected, which left a lot of Webtoon readers confused. 

The plot jumped around immensely from the main character participating in the tournament to him being a god without really explaining as to how that happened in the show.

This anime should be recommended to people who only watch anime for the action scenes. There are many people who liked the show, including myself, which is why there has been talk of an upcoming second season.