Fantatsy Football Power Ranking Through Week 5

Mark Elliott, Managing Editor

This 2020-2021 NFL COVID-19 season has already had an insane start. With fan attendance limited, artificial crowd noise has been added in each stadium. The league has also  been riddled with injuries, especially at wide receiver. The Buccaneers’ 2-star receivers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans were top 5 fantasy football receivers last year. This year, they are both unhealthy. There were also many unexpected moves in free agency in the offseason. The Buccaneers got 6-time super bowl champion Tom Brady. Even with all the changes, this season is shaping up to be a good one.

First, the running back rankings- many high value running backs that got long term and high money contract extensions namely Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings and Alvin Kamara of the New Orleans Saints. Dalvin Cook got a 5-year 63 million dollar contract extension; he was a key part to the Vikings offense last year and should be a huge hit in fantasy this year. Kamara was also a big part of the Saints’ offense last year, and he is set to have a huge year as well. 

  1. Christian McCaffrey – McCaffrey was by far the best running back in both the NFL and fantasy football last year. He should be the first overall pick in every fantasy league; he gets the most touches on the Panthers which makes him the best running back choice. In week two he suffered an ankle injury and is out for the next couple of weeks, but he can still bounce back and have a great year.
  2. Ezekiel Elliott – Zeke is arguably the most consistent running back in the league. The Cowboys’ offense runs through him, and they have a great offensive line for him to work with. Zeke consistently puts up over 20 points a game and has always stayed healthy. 
  3. Alvin Kamara – Kamara just got a large contract extension, so he is going to be in a Saints uniform for a while. Kamara is a dynamic dual threat back that gets carries and catches passes, which gives him a better opportunity to score more. Kamra played through a partially torn ACL last year and still put up numbers, so he is expected to have a breakout year.

One very notable player not on this list is the Giants running back Saquon Barkley. He would have made the list, but he tore his ACL in week two and is out for the year. Barkley is only 24, so getting that type of an injury at his age hurts both him and his fans because he is a great guy that is fun to watch. The Giants are wasting his career and it is sad to watch.

This year, the receiver class is looking really deep and stacked, but with the curse of 2020, more injuries struck wide receivers, along with a lot of drama especially with Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who was hurt with an ankle injury week one and has had problems with his teammates at practice making him a player to avoid this season. Still, there are a lot of great options for receivers this year that should be on every roster.

  1. DeAndre Hopkins – Hopkins was traded to the Arizona Cardinals in the offseason from the Houston Texans, and in joining the Cardinals offense alongside sophomore quarterback Kyler Murray and head Coach Kliff Kingsbury, Hopkins is set to have a huge year with the young and skilled Cardinals roster. He gets a lot of targets throughout the field and his run-after-catch ability is what helps him get so many yards per game, which is why I think he will be the best fantasy receiver.
  2. Davante Adams – Despite him fighting through injuries after week two, he is still veteran QB Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target. Also, in week one, while healthy, he put up 41.6 points, making him a very valuable receiver in the high powered Green Bay offense. He is a great player to draft.
  3. Tyreek Hill-  Hill is a very valuable receiver due to how many times his quarterback Patrick Mahomes finds him in the end zone. The Chiefs’ offense does have a lot of weapons, but Hill gets many receptions downfield and is always involved each game, making him a very versatile  player that needs to be starting on every roster

An honorable mention is Falcons’ receiver Julio Jones. He has been playing every other week fighting injuries, but the Falcons have had a very rough start to the 2020 NFL season, with their head Coach Dan Quinn fired after a 0-5 start. Julio Jones is a great player, but just not in a good situation, although should still be drafted to each roster. 

The last position ranking is quarterback, and this is yet another position with injuries. There is one major injury, Dak Prescott, a very gruesome season ending ankle injury. It is a shame because Prescott was having a MVP caliber season, but is now out for the year, so that is why he is not included on this list.

  1. Russell Wilson – Wilson is shaping up to have an MVP season, as he has been showing out at the start of the 2020 season. Wilson has found a way to pick apart each defense he faces, finding his two favorite receivers D.K Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. He has also thrown to a very agile running back Chris Carson. I believe Wilson is going to have the best QB fantasy football season.
  2. Patrick Mahomes – Mahomes is the defending super bowl champion and was the league’s MVP two seasons ago. He is a very consistent quarterback and is set up to succeed throwing to his countless weapons, and he also finds the end zone on his feet which helps boost his fantasy points. I think he will also have a great year and is a great fantasy draft pick.
  3. Josh Allen – Allen has also been having an MVP caliber season with the Buffalo Bills. It helps with his new addition wide receiver Stefon Diggs, and Allen is also another quarterback that can score with his feet. He is setting up to have a huge year with the Bills, and they are in a position to win the AFC East for the first time in a long time. I believe Allen is set up to have a breakout year and is a MVP candidate for this year.

Regardless of all the COVID and injury issues, this NFL and fantasy football season is going to be a very fun year with a lot of great fantasy performers this year, and a lot of great competition throughout the league.