NFL Taking Necessary Steps to Prevent Covid-19 Spread

Gavin McAferty, Reporter

The NFL is making an effort to have a full 2020 season. They didn’t take the same bubble approach that the NBA and NHL took which surprised a lot of analysts. Based on early coronavirus testing results through August, the NFL has managed to keep the number of positive tests relatively low. Nobody thought it would be contained as well as it has been due to the fact that each roster has a total of 63 players (including practice squad) and about 10 coaches. Moving forward with the season more teams are allowed minimal capacity, meaning they can have the smallest amount of fans they are allowed by the NFL. The NFL made a reserve list called “Reserve/COVID-19” for players who have to be removed from the active roster because of the coronavirus.

After the Week 2 games, head coaches, Vic Fangio, Pete Carroll, Jon Gruden, and Kyle Shanahan were all fined 100K individually for not wearing masks. Each of their organizations were fined 250K. The next offense doubles the consequences. Other things that players and coaches can get fined for is attending an indoor night club with a crowd of more than 10 people, an indoor music/concert/entertainment event, or a house gathering with more than 15 people in attendance and without wearing a mask. Players also aren’t required to wear masks or shields on the field or sideline unless they aren’t playing. If a player ends up testing positive for Covid-19 they have to sit out until they test negative twice in a row.

Roger Goodell and his committee decided to allow fans based on the numbers in the state and if the state is high risk. Also the capacity of the stadium played a big role because they could determine if they had enough space to keep everyone socially distanced. The only teams that are allowing fans during Week 3 are the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, and Miami Dolphins. Largest capacity allowed is 22%, which is 17,480 fans. The belief is that these numbers will continue to progress throughout the season.