Coronavirus Closing Colleges


Mandi Marstall, Reporter

Since the coronavirus has reached the United States, universities have closed their campus and cancelled classes due to the fear of it spreading. Universities from California to New York have switched to online classes as the coronavirus has affected more than 100,000 people worldwide turning into a pandemic. The latest schools to close their doors were Ohio State University, Harvard University, and Maryville College. Ohio State has an enrollment of 60,000 students and will be closed until March 30. Maryville College in Saint Louis is just four hours away from Olathe, canceled all in person classes until further notice.

Schools that are staying open have warned students not to travel to China, Italy, or South Korea over spring break. Some universities are telling students to not return to campus for 14 days after they return depending on the state law. Many abroad programs have also been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus worldwide. Seven Universities have suspended programs in Italy and others have cancelled programs in China and South Korea.