New Honors Society Created at South

Emily Gray, Reporter

Rho Kappa is an honors society based on social studies for students who want to be included at school. It is a new society at South this year. Nickolas Wheeler, social studies teacher, is the sponsor for Rho Kappa.

“As this is my first year at Olathe South, I wanted to be involved in something outside of the classroom as well as help them apply the skills they have gained in social studies classes to real-life service and application,” Wheeler said.

To become a part of Rho Kappa, students had to fill out an application, write an essay, and take part in an interview. The interviews were conducted by Wheeler and two other social studies teachers. There were certain requirements students needed to meet along with characteristics needed to be a positive inclusion into the society.

“There are some requirements such as an unweighted overall 3.0 GPA and an unweighted 3.5 GPA in social studies classes. Beyond the requirements, we are looking for students who show a passion for social studies, self-motivation, leadership skills, involvement in activities in and outside of school, and problem-solving skills,” Wheeler said.

Although the society started late this year, Wheeler already has goals he feels confident the society can achieve.

“I would like for the Olathe South chapter to be an organization where exemplary social studies students use their passion and skills to be involved in the community. For the first couple years, my goal is for the members to decide what this looks like. It could include anything from working with a local historical society or election offices, working with elementary or middle school students, going on field trips, or providing community service,” Wheeler said.

He also already has plans for the expansion of the club.

“Starting next school year, we will hold a recruitment period every fall. Juniors or seniors who meet the requirements can apply,” Wheeler said.

As for the current members, there will be an induction ceremony in March.