Biden and Sanders verses Trump

Elijah Nichols, Reporter

The two front runners for the Democratic party are vastly different. Joe Biden is running on the legacy of the eight years he served alongside President Barack Obama, while Sanders, an independent, is offering a democratic socialist platform with a radically different vision for America. 

There is some speculation of what would happen if Biden and Sanders ran together as partners.

Biden would run for the presidential nominee since he is more favored by the delegates and endorsed by numerous high-level democrats such as President Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry. 

Sanders would be the Vice President nominee since he is more popular with the under 30 voting bracket and the far left leaners with his socialist ideals.

Biden and Sanders combined hold 664 and 573 delegates respectively and a 190.7 million dollars in contributions. 

If the two joined together they would have enough to sweep the democratic candidacy and reduce the fear that many democrats have of not knowing who they are going to put up against the incumbent President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence who are assumed to be the Republican National Committee’s candidate. 

Some democratic polls show that if Sanders was to take on Trump he would lose due to his heavy left ideal that flows into socialism but the polls show that if Biden was to take on Trump there could be a chance for a close match. 

The use of having Sanders as Biden’s vice president is like how Trump used Pence- to grab the extremes from the party. The polls show that more extreme lefts follow Sanders and with Sanders being the vice president to Biden more uniformity would happen within the Democratic National Committee. 

Within a few weeks, America will see the result of all of these speculations and see how the DNC plans to take on President Trump.