Performing arts ignored at school events

Hannah Holliday, Copy Editor

Many students are insulted by the school’s recent lack of recognition for the performing arts.

The third quarter pep assembly took place on January 23 and it left many students upset. At the assembly, the winter sports teams and the “Fans of the Games” were recognized but nothing was mentioned about the performing arts. Many band, choir, and orchestra students had made the District and State Honor Band over winter break but nothing about them or the trophy-winning marching band.

Some students took to Twitter to express their displeasure. 

“The Olathe South pep assembly decided to recognize everything except the performing arts today,” said senior Whitney Schweiger, “Appreciate the performing arts- we work hard too.”

Senior Bryan Johnson added, “School spirit should mean supporting ALL students… including the performing arts.”

Even more recently, on March 4, the area eighth graders visited the school for “Transition Day” to get a taste of high school. During a video presentation that was shown, there were clips of school activities and a seperate video specifically about sports, but there was only a five second clip of a concert band to represent all of the performing arts. Many students were upset about the lack of representation.

“I wish they covered more of the arts instead of just band. Not just the performing arts but the visual arts as well,” sophomore Carter Stelting, a member of the choir, said.

Members of the performing arts wanted a chance to show what they were all about.

“I wish it would’ve shown the choir class singing,” junior Thomas Krusenklaus said, “I was waiting for choir to show up and show that it’s not boring or cringy.”

Many other choir members were unhappy as well.

“I’m involved in orchestra and choir and felt insanely underrepresented during the freshman welcoming because these groups are really passionate about what they do and we work hard to show that we are good while in the school’s mind sports always come first no matter how well they are doing,” said senior Beth Sloan.

Students also commented on the lack of representation elsewhere in the school.

“I have yet to see anything anywhere about orchestra,” said senior Alyssa Smith.

Even students that received some representation were concerned.

“Along with being a sports manager for football, basketball, and baseball, I’m also involved in band and choir,” said senior Solomon Webb, “It’s because of the music department that the games are always hype and more energized than sitting on a bleacher for two hours with no entertainment.”

Students hope that the administration will address this and start to recognize the performing arts as much as any other department.