Fake Patty’s Day in Manhattan

Mandi Marstall, Reporter

Fake Patty’s Day has been a tradition in Aggieville since 2007. The tradition started when Patrick Atchity got together Aggieville bars to back the idea of Fake Patty’s Day when a citywide Saint Patrick’s day parade was scheduled during the students’ spring break. Many students deck out in green and enjoy a day full of partying and fun. 

This year, the Aggieville business decided to move Fake Patty’s Day from February 29 to March 21. Usually the event happens the day before the students leave for spring break but this conflicted with the University of Kansas (KU) and Kansas State University (K-State) basketball game. Changing the date will help avoid conflict with K-State Athletics due to the basketball team hosting KU for the Sunflower Showdown. 

Business owners are hoping to take back the holiday by celebrating it after spring break. They are also hoping that by pushing the celebration back they would have a better chance for warm weather so more people will participate in the party. For the town of Manhattan, it will be a big celebration with a big turnout.