Senior timeline to help aid in preparing for graduation

Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

As the end of third semester draws near and plans of spring break rustle in students’ heads, many seniors start to find themselves wondering what needs to be done next before the big day of graduation rolls around. From prom to applying for those last few scholarships before college, to just enjoying the ebb and flow of high school, this guide will help all seniors struggling to find what to do next and keep senioritis at bay by keeping busy this spring.

With stores like Macy’s, JCPenney’s, Dillard’s, Windsor and many more piling their racks with prom dresses it can be hard for us ladies to restrain ourselves. Even though it is still February it is never a bad idea to get prom dresses and plans all lined up early. Many stores become very picked over come April and one would never want to risk wearing last year’s dress, so buying prom dresses early is a great idea. Plus, this guarantees that you will have the best selection of colors, styles, and sizes.

Making other prom plans early is a great idea too. Dinner reservations tend to fill up the closer prom season gets and it would be terrible for one’s group would have to end up waiting in line at the Cheesecake Factory for ages just because your reservations were not made early enough. Planning where you are going to take pictures can be a good idea but it is a good idea to always be flexible because it is near impossible to predict the weather in Kansas come the middle of spring.

Setting aside time to plan out scholarships and apply is always a great idea. With many deadlines fast approaching in March it is essential that one figures out a couple more to possibly apply for. Making time to apply for scholarships is by far the hardest thing when it comes to senior year due to all the normal school work and trying to enjoy yourself with your friends while you still have them around. A great idea is to set aside some time over the weekend or a Friday night to plan out a few and make a schedule of when they are due and when you are going to actually apply for them.

One thing that can actually be a lot of fun to do this spring is plan a graduation party. Planning a party where all your friends and family come and celebrate all the hard work that you did throughout high school is always a blast. Some things to consider are if you want to have the party with a friend and what that would look like. Parties with friends can be really convenient, especially if the two buddies are a part of the same friend group and would have similar friends coming to both their parties. Joint parties can get overwhelming with everyone’s families and the sheer amount of people that they attract. As long as group graduation parties are planned for they can be a lot of fun and be very memorable experiences for both of the graduates.

Some things to also take into consideration when planning a graduation party is if you would like to have the party at your house or a venue. If there are not a whole ton of people coming or you just feel more comfortable doing it at home then that can be a great option. One other detail to consider is the date of the party. If there are more than one graduation happening in a family it is crucial to plan parties accordingly so that they do not overlap. This makes sure that the family will have plenty of time at each party and not feel pulled in another direction.

One last bit to consider is the food and the time of day. If someone is wanting to have breakfast themed food then a party around brunch time would be perfect. The same goes for dinner or lunch type foods. As long as the type of food and the time of day are planned in accordance and guests are not eating pizza or burgers at 10:00 a.m. then the food side of the party will run swimmingly.

Lastly, seniors should make sure that they are planning their dorm rooms, finding their roommate(s), and signing up for their college’s orientation day. This will make sure that they have the ground underneath their feet and are not scrambling come summer time to plan orientation and get all their dorm supplies together. Dorm room furniture and decorations are best acquired here and there. So, every once in a while, if you find some cute bed sheets, a towel set, or even wall décor that goes with your overall vision, do not fear picking it up.

When it comes to the last two quarters of high school the most important thing to remember is living in the moment and enjoying your last few weeks in high school. This is a time in your life that you will always look back on. So, spend these last few months living in the present, going to the school functions, spending time with friends, and thanking teachers and staff at the school for everything that they have done to help you get to this place.