Guest Wi-Fi shutdown

Alyson Gad, Reporter

When students return from spring break, the infamous guest Wi-Fi will be officially shut down. The motive behind this shutdown is the fact that student issued laptops aren’t being used enough; supposedly they’re being used less than an hour a day. The district assumes this lack of laptop use is due to students favoring their phones; however, the real reason is that teachers just aren’t used to this surge in technology, thus aren’t interested in putting it to use. A majority of teachers are well accustomed to the ways of pencil and paper and believe they don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken. Most students find use in laptops after school, rather than in class. Teachers and students need to make a mutual agreement about what use the laptops serve in each class to make the laptops even close to worth having. Currently, that agreement isn’t being made, and if teachers do use the laptops it’s because they are being forced.  

Dropping the guest Wi-Fi is problematic for many reasons. High school students are old enough to drive and often pick up their siblings, and their only way to communicate with them is through a personal device. Any student who participates in team sports, even in school sports, finds communicating practice times and details through their phones very easy; however, that is no longer an option once the Wi-Fi is shut down. The obvious result to this shut down is students being upset and inconvenienced and teachers feeling forced to incorporate unnecessary laptops.