Unexpected College Basketball Upsets

Gavin McAferty, Reporter

AGThere have been many upsets this year but the most astonishing consist of Kentucky’s loss to Evansville, Duke’s loss to SF Austin and Louisville’s loss to Texas Tech. The biggest reason for these going so mainstream is because all of the teams, Duke, Kentucky, and Louisville were ranked #1 and lost to unranked teams with not much profile.

The Kentucky Wildcats had 11 turnovers just in the first half, the Evansville Ace’s team captian K.J Riley had 18 points, and a former Kansas University transfer, Sam Cunliffe, put up 17 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Sam Cunliffe put the game away with two clutch free throws at the very end of the game. Evansville beat Kentucky 67-64 on the road and moved to 2-0 on the season.

The second upset involves former #1 and currently ranked Duke, who lost to SF Austin in horrible fashion. It was stunner with both sides playing exceptionally well. David Kachelries didn’t have an impressive game whatsoever but he did shift the momentum of the game back to SF Austin with a clutch 3 pointer with a minute left in the game. SF Austin won 85-83 with an outstanding buzzer beater layup that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Last but not least on December 10th, Lousiville lost to unranked Texas Tech by a wide maragin. 70-57 was the final score in Lubbock, Texas. Davide Moretti lead the Red Raiders in points with 18 and Chris Clarke lead the team in rebounds with 12. Texas Tech was 6-3 going into this game and ended up shocking everyone. They differ from the other games because they had the game under control the whole 40 minutes.