Chiefs odds going forward

Mark Elliott, Reporter

The Kansas City Chiefs have won the AFC West division for the fourth year in a row. They got the win against the Patriots on the road to clinch it, this was a sweet win for the Chiefs as they lost to the Patriots during the regular season last year and also lost to them in the AFC Championship. This win improves the Chiefs to 9-4 on the season. If the Chiefs win the last three games they will go 12-4 as they did the year prior. Only thing is the AFC is much better this year than it was last year. This year there is the 11-2 Ravens with MVP canidate Lamar Jackson, Brady Bellicheck duo on the Patriots, and Deshaun Watson another potential MVP canidate.

The Chiefs are the three seed in the AFC, good news for them they have beat the first two teams in the AFC. The Patriots and the Ravens. The only problem with that is that both of those teams have to lose at least once for the Chiefs to re obtain the one seed.

One problem with the Chiefs have been the lack of production/healthiness from their runningbcaks. Damien Williams being inconsistent and injury prone, LeSean McCoy, leaving his prime, and the Chiefs re signed Spencer Ware for the Patriots game, as Ware didn’t contribute that much. Another huge problem for the Chiefs is run defense. The Chiefs pass defense is ranked number 6 in the NFL, but their run defense is ranked last in the NFL. With better run defense the Chiefs would have a chance at winning two of the games they lost. Run defense is the Chiefs biggest problem going forward in the playoffs, as they will need to make a lot of adjustments moving forward.

The Chiefs also have a lot of upsides and x-factors. One being obviously last years MVP Patrick Mahomes. Coming back from a dislocated kneecap and loking the best he has all season. Another offensive x-factor is wide receiver Tyreek Hill. When healthy Hill has been tremendous using his speed to his advantage. A defensive x-factor is defensive lineman Chris Jones. He has made it trouble for quarterbacks all year and one of the team leaders in sacks. The last x- factor is safety Tyrann Mathieu. He has been a complete game chnager for the Chiefs in the secondary, who is a big part of the pass and run defense. As the season comes to a close the Chiefs sit in a good spot at the three seed, with a guaranteed spot in the playoffs.