Twilight books are better than the Twilight movies

Morgan Montgomery, Reporter

The book series“Twilight” by Stephanie Meyer is now a five movie series. The movies ruined the reputation of the series.

Stephanie Meyer does a phenomenal job in the books of giving exact details as to what Bella is feeling and thinking. She describes all the characters in very specific details. The movies leave viewers guessing character traits and personalities. Bella’s thoughts and intentions are not always clear and the plot is confusing in the movie, whereas the book is very easy to follow. 

The movies don’t do the books justice; the books are amazing because they are interesting and very hard to put down after you start reading. The movies are just tacky and over dramatized. The books are not cheesy and don’t come off as cliche a vampire-werewolf-rivalry. 

The casting for the movies was also not very good.Edward was portrayed more awkwardly than in the books and the same happened with Bella. Rosalie was casted well but Alice was too serious in the movie. 

The bonds between the characters in the books are much more pronounced and better developed. In the book, Stephanie Meyer has more time to really develop the relationship between Bella and the Cullens, in the movie all you really see is the vague relationships, it skims over the interactions The book is much more real, the movies are rushed. 

Overall the books are much much better than the movies.