Disney+ wows audiences

Gagani Liyanawaduge, Reporter-Artist

Disney+ was released Nov. 12, and the hype was totally worth it. Millions have purchased subscriptions, including myself. Disney+ is worth the $6.99 per month because of the great selection of movies and television shows that viewers can choose from. The variety of shows and movies are great because there is something for everyone in my family to watch. 

Disney+ has many shows from “old” Disney Channel, which are more popular than the current shows on Disney Channel. The main reason to subscribe to Disney+ is for the old Disney shows because they are not available to stream on other services. Watching the old Disney shows reminds me of the time when I was not stressing about school 24 hours a day. 

Disney+ is better than other streaming services such as Netflix because it buffers a lot less, and it works more smoothly than other streaming services do. I have not experienced any difficulties with Disney+ so far. 

The layout of Disney+ is similar to that of Netflix, which makes navigating it easy. That the layout is easier to navigate because many are familiar with the layout of Netflix as well. Disney+ also has a section to look through different collections of content. The content on Disney+ is sorted into categories that makes choosing something to watch easy.

Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars fans, along with those who like documentaries, are likely to enjoy Disney+ the most. There is a lot of “hidden” content, such as the Pixar shorts that are only available on Disney+ and cannot be purchased anywhere. The Disney+ originals, and movies from when the company was first formed are also available on the service. The chances of everyone having something to enjoy on Disney+ are extremely high. Subscribing to Disney+ is definitely worth the low price, vast collection of quality content, and the smile on your face.