Animals of Instagram guaranteed to brighten spirits


Megan Stoerman

In recent years animals have taken over Instagram. Some of the most eye-catching animals include Lotus the Maine Coon, Pooky the Munchkin cat, the sheep of Apple Fox Farm, Toby the Goldendoodle, Brimley the Persian, and Alfie the alpaca. With the rise of pet Instagrams many average individuals are showcasing their beloved pets on Instagram.

Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

Over time, Instagram has slowly become a place where many congregate. Celebrities, companies, politicians, and many more have found Instagram as an outlet to share their ideas and feelings with the world, but, in reality, what the everyday Instagram scroller is really looking for is the best of the best animals that will surely be called the greatest of boys. However, sometimes it is hard to find those cats, dogs, and even alpacas that will brighten your day with just one scroll through Instagram. Never fear, The Eyrie is here to help introduce you to some of the animals that are sure to put a smile on your face.

First up is @lotus_the_mainecoon. This is one big kitty who is ready to grace your feed everyday with his large ears and majestic white fur. He is a Maine Coon kitty, which means that he is very large and in charge. Maine Coon males can weigh from 13-18 lbs. which can be double the size of the average cat. Lotus also often shares his Instagram spotlight with his other kitty friends such as a gray kitty named Lady Marion and, every once in a while, a horse and bunny.

Next is another lovely cat on the opposite weight spectrum from Lotus named Brimley from @brimleycat. Brimley is a white, puffy Persian kitty with an adorable pushed in face that sometimes resembles the actor Wilford Brimley with his iconic white mustache. With his characteristic smug grin and long ear furnishings who would not love a cute picture of Brimley daily?

The last kitty in this showdown is Pooky from @littlemunchiepooky. Pooky is a Ragdoll British Short mixed Munchkin cat which pretty much means that she is a little log of cuteness. Munchkin cats are a generally new breed of cat characterized by their little stubby legs and almost munchkin stature. Due to her blue eyes, Pooky has a booming Instagram filled with pictures of her in cute outfits. Another nifty fact is that Pooky lives in Ozark, Missouri, which even adds to our affinity towards her because of her proximity to us here in Kansas.

The one and only pup on this list is the handsome Toby on Instagram @_tobythegoldendoodle_. Toby is a very handsome Goldendoodle pup which is a cross between a golden retriever and poodle; he has the beautiful golden color of a golden retriever but the curls of a poodle, so basically the best of both worlds. Toby has wondrous highlights on his page which include some classic moments of him enjoying some treats and shaking his booty on walks.

Up next is the sheep category with @applefoxfarm. This little farm oasis in Canterbury, Connecticut is home to many purebred Olde English “Babydoll” Southdown sheep where they spend much of their time rolling around in hay and chilling with their other sheep and human friends. Some of the regulars on the @applefoxfarm Instagram are Poppy and baby Perci who are Oreo colored sheep, Hazel who is cocoa colored, and Belle, a cute mama sheep. Another plus to this feed is that they post pictures of the sheep after they are done eating and when they have hay all over their fluffy heads.

Last on this lineup is an alpaca named Alfie from @alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide. Alfie lives in Australia with his parents and enjoys walks and long runs. Alfie even lives inside and can go down the stairs just as dogs do. He gets vacuumed and enjoys stretching his neck and just noodling out. When it comes to a pretty chill alpaca Alfie is your guy.

This has been The Eyrie’s installment of some of the cutest animals on Instagram. I hope that you have found this list helpful and that you start discovering the endless rabbit hole of animals on social media.