Newspaper launches improved website

Kali Ray, Reporter

Many students haven’t yet seen the URL but they should check it out. This URL will take students to the Eyrie’s website, that was just re-introduced this year.

The website has the same sections as the paper does, but not always the same stories.

Snosite hosts the newspaper website.

Stories on the website may be in a future paper, may have been in a past paper, or perhaps are only available on the website itself.

Also, students can comment and give the staff their opinion. All students should use appropriate language, and the comments will be reviewed.

“We would love if kids comment, [and] gave us story ideas. We would love [to have] students interact with the paper,” Vicki Kohl, journalism teacher, said.

The website will also have polls and surveys for students as well as recent sports updates.

Cathryn Cavazos, editor, created the Facebook page.

She is excited for these new versions of the paper “because it will give people a new way to connect with the staff and it’s a huge milestone for the newspaper,” Cavazos said.

“Ms. Kohl has been talking about it for a long time, and now it’s finally happening,” she said.

Though she is the creator of one of the social media pages, she prefers the website. “Honestly, the website is more developed and professional,” she said.

The newspaper also has a Twitter account, which they hope to use more in conjunction with the school newspaper’s website.

As the year continues, the goal is to add more photos and story teasers to the Facebook page and to have links to stories on the Twitter feed.

“I encourage students to follow our Twitter feed.  Its handle is @FalconScreech.  We’re newbies at this, so we need some input,” Kohl said.

Next up is an Instagram account to which the photojournalists can post more photos than are used in the newspaper.

The Facebook and Twitter pages will have updates on the news more frequently and faster than it could be put in the paper.

Jacob McKay, senior, had the idea for the Twitter page, but won’t be running it. Sharidan Kraljic, junior, will be helping to run the Twitter page.

The website will also provide more information about the staff.

The whole staff is excited that the website and media pages are available for students, and they hope to gain more followers on the media pages.