‘A Night in the Clouds’ expectations are sky high

Jordan Lewis, Reporter

Throughout February, evidence of lovey-dovey couples and events is prominent on social media and in school. This is especially true in the instance of the Women Pay All dance, which will take place on Feb. 21.

WPA is the dance that reverses the traditional roles of boys and girls on dates. The girls ask the boys to the dance and pay for the evening.

The atmosphere at WPA is “similar to Homecoming, but it is a bit more relaxed,” Ashley Reece, StuCo president,  said.

Unlike homecoming or prom, WPA is sponsored by Student Senate rather than a class.

This year’s theme is “A Night in the Clouds.”

Themed cupcakes and other food such as pretzels and drinks will be available as well as the new edition of a photo booth.

The dance will take place in the commons and feature a DJ.

Tickets for the dance cost $12 per person with no couple discount.

Throughout the week of the dance there will be spirit days as well as a dodge ball tournament.

The tournament takes place on Monday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the South Gym.

The tournament cost $3 to watch and $20 for a team of seven to participate.

Tuesday is Star Wars day, Wednesday, is Hawaiian day, Thursday is squad day and Friday is grade colors day. Freshmen are yellow, sophomores are white, juniors are blue and seniors are pink.

A majority of the proceeds will be donated to the charity chosen by Student Senate. “This year’s organization is Inclusion Connections. It helps people with disabilities in the area,” Reece said.

The yearly organization is decided by a vote in Student Senate.

Student Senate’s goal is to raise $2,000 – $3,000 this year and they have an attendance goal of 600 to 800 students.