Braden Smith to be inducted into Olathe South Hall of Fame

Mark Elliott, Reporter

Braden Smith, who is soon going to be inducted into the Olathe South Athletics Hall of Fame, plays in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts. He played offensive guardand defensive tackle here at Olathe South all four years and went on to play college football for Auburn University, and again played offsensive guard for the Tigers all four years. After those four years Smith had enetered the NFL draft.

Smith was picked in th second round thirty-seventh overall pick in 2018. He was named starter in week 5 at offensive guard. He helped lead the Colts to a 10-6 season and a wild card appearance. The Colts beat their rivals, the Texns in the first round by a score of 21-7 along with great quarterback protection from Smith. Unfortunatley for Smith in the Divisional round to go tho the AFC Championship, he had to play against his hometown team, the Kansas City Chiefs. The Colts season was cut off by the Chiefs by a score of 31-13. Smith had a very good rookie year as his team made a good playoff run for a team with low expectations at the beginning of the year.

To put it in perspective as to how Smith succeeds he is 6’6 303 pounds. When Smith was in highschool he was benching 515 pounds. At Auburn he was able to squat 600 pounds and hand clean 300 pounds. Braden Smith is an Olathe South legend, Auburn legend, and will be a future NFL legend.