Kansas border counties should obtain in-state tuition for Missouri colleges

Gavin McAferty, Reporter

Kansas students that live near the Missouri border should be allowed to obtain in-state tuition for colleges such as UMKC but on certain conditions. Such as kids that live in Johnson County and the ones surrounding it. Many different colleges are apart of the MSEP program which stands for Midwest Student Exchange program. Just like Missouri colleges, Kansas colleges such as Kansas University offer discounted tuition.

Eleven Missouri counties are eligible for resident tuiton at KU. There is a tuition agreement between the two states, it’s called the Kansas-Missouri Reciprocal Tuition Agreement. This agreement covers degrees such as architecture and architectural engineering. But with this agreement comes constraints, such as only some counties qualify for the reciprocity, someone would have to get a 24 on the ACT along with a 3.5 gpa, and the degree must be in APDesign.

There are limitations but the ability to go to a college in a different state on instate tuition is possible. In conclusion colleges should be more lenient on students that live close to the border or in specific counties. This should be on any degree, could be architecture, engineering, or even a biology major.