Recent PCA lecture opens students’ minds about diversity

Emma Collins, Reporter

The PCA lecture about diversity that happened Thursday, Jan. 22, had a big impact on the students here, at least according to their comments on the evaluations it did.

They listened to a presentation by Barb McAtle, who is part of Cultural Crossroads, a local organization that works to provide inter-cultural learning experiences.

Culture Crossroads’ goal for each lecture is to make other people understand all the different cultures based on common life experiences of all cultures.

Ruth Ann Falls, PCA dean, who had wanted to have a lecture about diversity because of MLK Day and Black History month, found Cultural Crossroads which is based in Kansas City, Mo., online.

McAtle gave the students prompts and had them talk about the prompts in groups. The room was set up in a workshop style, facing people towards each other.

“We have more in common, than different,” Nive Visesio, senior, said.

One of the main focuses of the presentation was to impress upon students how important it is to accept everyone and that diversity is around people at all time.

McAtle also talked about how diversity is present in all different kinds of fields around the world, in elders, adults, and children of all ages.

“Besides race, culture, and ethnicity, we all eat, sleep, and live,” Falls said.

At the end of the lecture, the students were given a feedback sheet to fill out, telling about their experience and what they took from it.

Many of the students said the presentation had an impact, and they left the room with different intentions and thoughts on their mind.