Kansas City Haunted Houses

Mandi Marstall, Reporter

Downtown Kansas City is home to four professional haunted houses. The Edge of Hell, The Beast, The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe, and Macabre Cinema. The Edge of Hell has been running for 35+ years and is one of the longest running professional haunted houses. One of the main attractions of The Edge of Hell is the Rat Man. The Rat Man freaks out guests by putting live rodents in his mouth. The Edge of Hell includes a lot of darkness, tight spaces, and steep and unusual ramps. The Edge of Hell is home to the largest python in captivity in the United States. Exiting the Edge of Hell requires visitors to plunge down a 5-story spiral slide to safety.

The Beast was built in 1991 and is the younger haunted house of the two. The Beast features two slides, on that takes visitors to a historic London scene, and the other leads visitors to a werewolf forest. At the end visitors encounter the huge Beast and then continue to a series of elaborate torture scenes. Even after all of that the visitors still have more rooms to enter. The Beast is the largest of the four haunted houses and has a very open format.

The next haunted house included in the big four is The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe. Before the Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe was placed in the West Bottoms it was known as The Catacombs. This haunted house includes no slide but a lot of ascending and descending. Many stories of Poe are portrayed in the such as Tell-Tale Heart.

The last of the haunted houses is the Macabre Cinema. This one has to do more with the classic horror movie scenes that have shaped the horror industry. Some of these classic movies featured in the Macabre Cinema are Friday the 13th, Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street, Silence of the Lambs and many more. Visitors seeking the thrill of classic movie horror scenes would enjoy the Macabre Cinema.

All four-haunted house are known for different qualities attributed to each thrill of horror. Each offering a great scare to any visitor that decides to enter their houses. Read more about the Kansas City haunted houses here at  https://www.hauntworld.com/featured-article/haunted-house-in-kansas-city-missouri-the-beast-and-edge-of-hell