Roth finds passion in connecting to her students

Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

Whenever students look back on their years of required education many teachers often stick out in their heads as people who shaped them into who they are now. One such teacher is Cynthia Roth, English teacher. Roth teaches Advanced Placement Literature and Composition classes at the school in addition to Creative Writing.

Roth decided to become a teacher partially because she “had two really great teachers that [she] loved.”

Some of the hardest parts of teaching according to Roth are the long hours, and the fear that she may not make a connection and bond with each and every student and the fear that some students unintentionally “fall through the cracks.”

The moments when Roth enjoys being a teacher the most is when her and her students are “laughing and learning and when it does not seem to be such a stressful environment.”

Discussions in English classes often bring up lots of fun discussions especially when a favorite book is being read. Roth enjoys teaching “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” “Hamlet,” “Pride and Prejudice” and modern poetry the most. Outside of school she enjoys mystery novels.

Roth also enjoys reading, writing, hanging out with her kitties, knitting, baking, and writing her own poetry.

Being able to balance life and school is also very near and dear to Roth and she recommends that all students start practicing balance now so that they have the skills for later in life.

One of the school’s very own teachers Marci Gibbens, English teacher, had the opportunity to be mentored by Roth when she was a new teacher at the school. While Roth was in the process of tutoring Gibbens she taught her some tricks and “took [Gibbens] under her wing.”

Gibbens even added that her and Roth have still have some inside jokes today and that Roth is “one of the kindest, most influential teachers.”