Beetlejuice on Broadway

Alyson Gad, Reporter

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice! On Broadway? The edgy, controversial, yet necessary addition to any Halloween marathon has hit the stage. In the smash hit movie, Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) and her family move into a recently abandoned home. Mr. and Mrs. Maitland, recent owners of the home, experience abrupt deaths forcing them into the underworld and discover their house has been taken over. They attempt to haunt the Deetz family out but struggle, resulting in their consultation with Mr. Beetlejuice himself, who’s known for his sketchy ways of “home exorcism”.

There’s a fair amount of differences between the movie and the musical, including the Tony-nominated set design by David Korins. In the movie, The Maitland’s home is immediately redesigned when they return from the underworld, whereas in the musical the set changes subtly throughout the performance, which invites viewers to keep their eyes out during the show.

Other than the impressive set, adding the music to the show-which can be a coin toss-made it 10 times better. One of the most popular, “What I Know Now” by Leslie Kritzer, was all over Tik Tok, a video sharing social media site. Another, “The Whole Being Dead Thing” by Alex Brightman, is an interesting number that is unique to the show. It gives Beetlejuice a chance to narrate his own story, making it different from the movie, which is narrated by the Maitlands. Without a doubt, adapting this classic film to the stage was an entertaining and profitable success.