Reading books gives more creative imagery compared to movies

Morgan Montgomery, Reporter

Many books get turned into movies. The books are detailed and create an image in the viewer’s head of the way things look, movies sometimes don’t portray the book in the way they picture it. Are the books better? Or do the books outweigh the movies?

The author Nicholas Sparks has written many classic novels, including “The Last Song”, “The Notebook”, and “A Walk to Remember”. The books give you very precise, minute details that one would have never gotten if they just saw the movie.  The movies give basic details of the book in order to fit an amount of time that people will watch without getting bored. They stick to most of the main plot points of the novels, but sometimes leave out little things that do in the end make a big difference. For instance, in “The Last Song”, Ronnie takes Blaise to the hospital after Blaise is burnt by fire in the novel, in the movie Ronnie gives Blaise money after Marcus, Blaise’s boyfriend, kicks her out, and that’s how they make up. The difference here is that the way the make up, the reason is more significant. Also, in the novel “The Last Song”, Marcus burnt down the church, and in the movie, it was an accident with fire.

The books describe every minute detail, however in the movies they rush things sometimes so viewers don’t get as much information. The books all in all are better put together than the movies normally. The movies just put in the basic important plot points without paying attention to all the small, less important details. If someone is going to watch a movie, reading the book before or after watching the movie is strongly recommended.