Former student donates poetry books


Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

Being in the Poetry Out Loud contest is something that many young poets dream about and the schools’ former student Khadija Ceesay a part of. Ceesay was the winner of the state’s Poetry Out Loud competition and progressed on to become a semi-finalist in the national Poetry Out Loud competition in Washington D.C. spring of 2019. Due to her achievements, Ceesay was awarded $500 to purchase poetry materials for the school.

When Ceesay and Roth began the process of choosing poetry books to make their new home in the school’s library they both did some research and gave ideas to the librarian. They were looking for a “mix of old and new [books] to get kids reading,” according to Roth.

Some favorites that were chosen were “The Princess Saves Herself in This One” by Amanda Lovelace and an arrangement of poems by Emily Dickenson.

Poetry is one form of expression that many shy away from due to its daunting stigma. Roth feels that individuals should not focus on overanalyzing poetry and should instead just read it in a stress-free manner because you always “get better by reading the poetry.”

All in all, poetry does a great job at “making the ordinary the most pivotal moment” according to Roth.

This new addition of poetry books donated to the library by Ceesay – with some help from Roth – can be found in the “New Poetry” section of the school’s library.