Theatre show dazzles audiences


Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

Standing up in front of others and reciting a monologue or singing is one thing that scares many individuals, but this is exactly what the school’s repertory theatre classes did in the Black Box Theatre Sept 12. The actors and actresses performed in front of parents, friends, and peers; some students even took on the more technical side of the arts by creating a set or a costume.

Students really felt as though this show pushed them in ways that they have never been pushed before and really helped them to step outside of the box as actors and actresses. Sarah Tolman, senior, felt as though the show “gave [her] confidence level a boost.”

Max Pardo, junior, really felt that the show helped him get “more comfortable with singing and acting.”

Picking whatever they wanted to perform was one layer of the show that really gave students the freedom to truly grow. Both Pardo and Tolman commented that this was their favorite part of the production.

Although Tolman did enjoy the show she was really nervous for the “whole dang performance.”

Tolman overcame her fears by channeling them into her character because Jamie from “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” is quite nervous during the song “Wall In My Head,” so it “made sense for [her] to be nervous.”

Even though the production ran flawlessly to what met the eye that Sept night, not everything was quite as it seemed. The Black Box Theatre recently got new lights installed and the crew actually finished setting up the queue only 30 minutes before the show started. As the show was going on, Hastings “bumped into the wall and dropped [his] glasses.”

Overall, immense growth as seen all throughout the cast of the show and according to Hastings it was “such a celebration.”

Senior Rylee Herr performed the “Confrontation” from “Jekyll and Hyde.” In her performance Herr acted as both Jeckyll and Hyde and had both red and blue lights to portray the conflict between the characters. In particular Tolman saw Herr flourish during her performance because “she [was] nervous about singing, but then she killed it.”