Should Kansas have a pro basketball team?

Gavin McAferty, Reporter

       Kansas has had experience in having a professional basketball team, unfortunately the team only lasted 13 years in Kansas City/Omaha before relocating to Sacramento. Their original name coming out of Cincinatti, the original owner of the team, were the Royals. But due to the other local Royals baseball team in town they renamed the team to the Kings. The last professional basketball team in the city was the Kansas City Knights There have been some rumors that Kansas City once again is in the conversation for a professional basketball team. That is if the NBA decides to expand the league. Seattle and Kansas are seen as the most valuable markets at the moment.

       Jarrett Sutton, an NBA reporter, said that “Kansas City will get an NBA team at some point. It’s a real thing I’ve heard from multiple sources.” Which gives basletball fans that have been dwealling on having a professional team hope. Kansas has the 30th largest metro in the country, they already have an arena for an NBA team with the Sprint Center being built in 2007. It can hold up to 19,000 people. I believe they are the most realistic city to get an NBA team especially with the market of other professional teams booming.Shoul