Eight female video game characters that need to join Smash Ultimate


Grace Price, Reporter

In December last year, Nintendo released their newest edition of Smash Bros., an “ultimate” version, packed with familiar characters and quite a few newer ones. One of the most exciting aspects has been guessing which characters will be added after the release, and the consequential competition between players to be correct. Here’s a list of eight females that need to join Smash Ultimate:

1 Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog

As a major component of the Sonic franchise, Amy is definitely an ideal candidate for Smash. Powered by her Sonic-esque speed and erratic yet cheerful personality, her incessant energy and competitiveness would suit a Smash stage perfectly. Armed with her Piko Piko Hammer, who would be a better option than this pink, anthropomorphic hedgehog?

2 Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Lara is an archeologist who wields significant intelligence and athleticism, and usually handguns. Despite having her introduction in 1996, her relevance has never faded and she’s still highly regarded as one of the best heroines in the video game world. With over 10 games already under her belt, Smash would be a great new challenge for her.

3 Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a video game classic, and Donkey Kong himself has always been a staple in Smash. With Diddy Kong already included, why not add his girlfriend Dixie? Known for the abilities packed in her ponytail, she’d have no trouble fitting in Smash. Her hair alone can attack opponents, slow down falls and whip around like a helicopter. Her hair has the potential for better recovery than Villager.

4 Shantae from the Shantae series

A purple-haired, teen half-genie is exactly what the Smash franchise needs. Known for her hair whip (Dixie Kong style) and shape-shifting transformations, Shantae could easily blend in with other Smash challengers. Her platforming skills and eagerness to succeed would guarantee success on any stage.

5 Sheeva from Mortal Kombat

Sheeva is everyone’s favorite four-armed half human, half dragon fighter. After making her debut in Mortal Kombat, her personality and abundance of arms, has been waiting to overflow into another fighting game. One of her trademark abilities is teleporting to stomp on her opponent, much like Mewtwo’s teleporting jump. Also possessing fireballs, Sheeva would be a worthy opponent to face. 

6 Chun Li from Street Fighter

Chun Li is called the “first female fighter of any fighting game franchise” with her 1991 debut in Street Fighter. With her expertise in Chinese martial arts and sense of justice from being a cop, she’d be a great addition to Smash. Her character playability is especially unique in how she’s simply relying on her skills, rather than unworldly abilities, similar to Ryu and his echo fighter Ken. 

7 Agitha from Legends of Zelda

Although not regarded as one of the most notable characters in the Legends of Zelda series, this 10 year old is a great candidate for Smash nonetheless. Being the self-proclaimed “princess” of the bugs, the addition of her character could lead to the development of more bug-themed moves, especially including her precious Golden Bugs. In her past games, she’s been known to use a parasol as her standard weapon, but also summon giant beetles and butterflies, like a Peach-insect combo.

8 Krystal from Starfox

While yes, she is technically already in Smash as a spirit and assist trophy, it’d be a lot cooler if she had the opportunity to be played manually, like her cohort Fox. Brandishing her magical combat staff and conjuring up her telepathic abilities, this vixen would bring a suitable new challenge.