Soler crushes franchise home run mark, on pace to lead league


Jorge Soler, right fielder, runs out a ground ball against the Baltimore Orioles.

Alex Burbidge, Reporter

In a Major League Baseball season that has almost been polluted by the home run ball, one of the most sorrowful home run records was shattered on Sept. 4 when Jorge Soler, right fielder, blasted his 39th home run of the season. Soler’s home run broke the Royals franchise record for most home runs in a single season.

The home run broke the former record of two years, held by Mike Moustakas, former Royals third baseman, who hit 38 home runs in 2017. Prior to Moustakas, the most in a single season was 36, done by Steve Balboni, first baseman, in 1985.

Soler’s titanic blast travelled an estimated 431 feet and reached 104 miles per hour off the bat. He is currently tied with Ronald Acuna, outfielder, for most home runs farther than 430 feet with 11.

In the process of passing the franchise mark, Soler also broke the all-time Kansas City Major League record, which was also 38, set by Bob Cerv, left fielder, who did it in 1958 for the Kansas City Athletics, who are now located in Oakland. This also includes records set by previous teams such as the Cowboys, Packers, and Athletics.

At the moment, he has 44 home runs. He currently is on pace for 48 and is second in the American League, only to Mike Trout, Angels center fielder, who has one more than Soler. Trout will miss the rest of the season due to injury, leaving the American League lead his to take. If he hits two more, he will become the first Royal to ever lead the American League in home runs.

The Royals franchise record is dead last among Major League clubs; the next closest team’s record coming into this season was the New York Mets’ mark of 41, done by both Carlos Beltran, former Royals outfielder, and Todd Hundley, catcher. The Mets’ record has been passed this season by Peter Alonso, first baseman, who currently has 47 long balls.