Restaurant Review: Aoyama Ramen

Faith Holliday, Business Manager

Aoyama Ramen is an innovative ramen spot with an attentitive staff and a great atmosphere.

As the only ramen shop in Olathe, Aoyama proves to be a unique experience for residents of Johnson County.

Aoyama has a wide range of Japanese cuisine including homemade ramen, gyoza, and rice don. They have something for everyone, including vegetarians and picky eaters.

As a regular at Aoyama, I have been able to try a variety of food that they serve. Their menu is small, but it covers many different types of Japanese food.

Their shio ramen, pictured above, has a soy sauce base and includes whole pieces of pork and their homemade noodles. This is one of their most popular dishes, as well as their gyoza and mochi ice cream.

When walking into the restaurant, there are options to either sit barside or at a table. If you choose barside, you can watch your food being made and can receive it a lot faster.

Aoyama Ramen is small, but has the potential to become a large chain ramen joint.