Vintage concepts that should make a comeback

Vintage concepts that should make a comeback

Megan Stoerman, Editor-In-Chief

Vintage concepts have intrigued the masses for many generations. Many young teens today are retreating back to trends such as: clothing, music, and even technology from the past. From drive-in movies to music and dresses, these are a few vintage concepts that should come back.

Entertainment and technology such as drive-in movies, film cameras, and Blockbuster take individals back to a time where interaction and companionship were thriving in the entertainment industry. Due to personal devices such as cell phones, bluetooth headphones, and streaming subscriptions such as Netflix and Hulu, people today very rarely take the time to interact as they entertain themselves. Going back to having to leave the house to go spend quality time with people would allow society to crawl back to living our lives in tandem with others.

Many fashion trends would flourish today such as 1950’s style dresses, and pepclub sweaters. These fashion trends would bring a new flamboyant style that the world needs today with all of its drab colors. Pepclub sweaters would allow students to show off their pride for the school while also getting a nifty jacket to broadcast their club.

Music today has a wide variety of genres. Many listen to indie, pop, k-pop, and rap. Back in the 70’s and 60’s music was shared by everyone and celebrated by the masses. If artists today went back to targeting the masses with meaningful and impactful music, society would be drawn further together by a common interest.

All in all, going back to many vintage concepts would draw society together and allow individuals to come together as a community.