Falcon Regiment prepares for Old Settlers parade

Emily Gray, Reporter

The Falcon Regiment will be performing at the Old Settlers Day Parade on Sept. 7. Chad Coughlin, director of bands, helps the marching band prepare for the parade.

       “We provided the music for marching season, including the Old Settlers parade music, to the students in April or May,” Coughlin said.

       Students are expected to practice their music individually then in groups for both section rehearsals and in the full band rehearsal. Everyone in marching band is required to be in the parade.

       This year, students had a head start on learning the music.

       “We actually played this year’s parade music, Hooked on a Feeling, as the senior song for the commencement senior song for the band class of 2019,” Coughlin stated.

       Besides working on the music, itself, the Falcon Regiment works on the marching aspect of the parade.

       “Some aspects of how we march in a parade are different than how we march in our field show during halftime at football games, so we dedicate some time from our band class rehearsals in the two weeks leading up to the parade to work on those,” Coughlin said.

       Though the demands for Old Settlers are different, the band also continues to work on their field show.