Girls: teens create mainstream outfits on low budget


Kylie Aloi, Reporter

Every year, teenagers spend more than $164 billion on clothing, according to Caitlin Soard from the website LoveToKnow. The way teens dress can influence the way they act and the decisions they make as well. All this being said, fashion is considered one of the top priorities to girls age 12-19.

According to Time Magazine the average cost of a pair of women’s jeans is $34. To a high school student working a part time job, this may be very expensive. As the demand for looking fashionable grows, so do the prices. Students are willing to spend indefinite amounts of money to look better than someone else.

Some people say shopping can cure anything; others say it is just stressful. Chloe Kersten, senior, believes a person just has to know where to shop. “I love to shop at Maurice’s because everything is highly organized and the associates are willing to help you. I also enjoy shopping at Wet Seal,” Kersten said.

When money is tight and the addiction will only be suppressed by the purchasing of new items, good places to shop are H&M and XXI, also known as Forever 21. “Shopping at XXI saves me money and I get a lot for what I have,” Kersten said. If someone is looking for good quality clothing, Mariah Case, junior, suggests shopping at JCPenney and Target. These two places offer reasonably priced clothing and stylish wardrobe staples.

Celebrities everywhere are always showing off their new Dolce & Gabbana dresses and their red carpet Louboutin shoes. These highly fashionable, and very expensive, items craze teenage girls. Many teenage girls look up to celebrities as role models and fashion inspiration.

“Blake Lively is my fashion icon because she is stylish and chic. Pretty much anyone from ‘Gossip Girl’ dresses well,” Sarah Peden, senior, said.

Some people become inspired to get celebrities’ looks, not caring how much they spend to achieve it. “When I go shopping, I usually spend about $80, and this may be after only buying a few items,” Kersten said.

In high school, the way people dress sometimes affects the way others perceive them. Whether they have the newest Guess shoes or went shopping last weekend at Target, people will always notice.

“The way people dress does affect how I perceive them. If you look like you take care of yourself, generally you are going to be more appealing to be around,” Kersten said.

Girls around the world get dressed every day to improve the way they feel about themselves and to impress others though some don’t have that same worry. “I dress for myself because it makes me happy to look nice,” Peden said.

Many female students feel they will be treated differently if they dress a certain way. This misconception leads them to dress for others and not themselves. “I like to impress others, but I have to be comfortable in my own skin,” Kersten said. To be highly fashionable, people have to take risks, and dressing for others may be one they have to take.

Trends come and go in all high schools. Whether it is wearing Air Jordans or scarves, there is always a new trend that rises above others. Most high school-age girls feel that preppy is the trend of 2015. “I would consider my style preppy, but sometimes I want to look edgy,” Peden said. The preppy style includes wearing brands like Vineyard Vines, Lululemon, and PINK. Girls match staple items from their favorite stores with black leggings, an infinity scarf and hunter boots.

Someone may enjoy wearing neon tights, and someone else may like to wear a beret. Everyone has his or her own idea of fashion. Overall, fashion is an important part of a girl’s life as a teenager.