Covered in Obscurity: Clubs

Addison Harper, Staff Reporter


Covered in Obscurity: Secret Social Gatherings and Organizations

Dungeons & Dragons

Tucked away in the far corner of the school is a mysterious group of monotonous intellectuals. A group that is few in numbers, and is obscure in nature. This circle of people practices the religion known as Dungeons & Dragons, a religion that combines math, logic, and magic into a series of adventures with exciting plot sequences and encounters. New members can expect to encounter a group of individuals that are willing to help new members in participating, such as creating a character. However, the club is in dire need of new and extremely creative minds that are able bring new ideas to the table, and a majority of the people that host the club are mainly seniors. If any intellectual is actually interested in joining the merry bland of placid travellers, sessions are hosted in room 1212 after school, everyday, except Thursdays .

Hogwarts Club

The name is self explanatory. “Basically, anything Harry Potter.” says a veteran member of the club. “We review theories, watch the movies occasionally, and discuss how the books and films are connected.”. Apart from the previously mentioned activities, they also create arts and crafts, and hold serious discussions about the four different houses in the Harry Potter universe; Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw for those whom are curious. The amount of people in each house are incredible varied. A majority are in Slytherin, a portion are in Hufflepuff, a minority is in Ravenclaw, and only one person is enrolled in Gryffindor. Serious arguments occasionally occur between the groups that follow the various houses. Care to be engulfed by the chaos? Meetings are held daily after school in Mrs. Wolf’s room in 1202. All of the members are hoping for new members of Gryffindor.

Animal Crossing Club

Submerging oneself into a digital world is a common trend these days. The nature of these universes that people spend their time in vary. Some are chaotic, and others may be tranquil. There exists an outlet for people that desire to escape to a more agreeable environment. May I present to you, the Animal Crossing Club. Animal Crossing is a game where you, the character, move into a town inhabited by anthropomorphic characters. There is no clear objective, and you are able to partake in a wide range of actions, such as fishing and gardening. The animal crossing club is for those seeking to enjoy a relaxing and social experience of playing Animal Crossing. For anyone interested, meetings take place on Thursday, after school, in Mrs. Mechou’s room in 403.


The previously mentioned organizations are highly confidential and must not be discussed with non members. If there are inquiries, speak to the teacher or administrator that is hosting the club, or seek answers on the Olathe South website under activities.