Welcome to the Black Student Union

Aly Gad , Reporter

The Black Student Union (BSU), is a club that has been running for two years, created by the graduating class of 2018.

BSU’s goal is to be a place where anyone can meet, putting race and culture aside, to celebrate the differences in cultures around the world.

They discuss current cultural issues and bounce their ideas off of each other regarding everything relating to culture.

Starting next week, they are planning to start watching and discussing current event videos, having an open conversation to share everyone’s ideas regarding it.

It’ll be a great conversation starter, introducing current, more relavant problems to the table of debate.

They go on field trips as well, BSU saw Black Panther and Green Book, to name a few. BSU’s activities are funded out of the student’s pockets.

The hope is that BSU meetings are diverse and open to everyone, “To help learn more about culture, because in this country we tend to separate ourselves more by race, but it’s not about race, it’s about culture,” said Mrs. Wahaus.

The BSU meets on Thursdays during Falcon 50, session A. The next meeting will be on April 11, open to everyone, in room 216.