A Man’s Best Friend

Students share what they love about their pets

Faith Holliday, Feature Editor

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend, and students are no exception to this. These loyal companions are favored among students here. 

Zachary Hammerschmidt, junior, has a dog named Piper. Piper is a one year old beagle, and Hammerschmidt family has had her for nine months. 

“We had two dogs die, and we went to the pet store and saw her,” Hammerschmidt said. 

Piper, according to Hammerschmidt, has an energetic and loving personality.

“She is always by your side, no matter what you are doing,” Hammerschmidt said. “Like a boomerang, she will always come back.”

Hammerschmidt’s advice for those who want an energetic dog like Piper is to “make sure you have lots of energy.”

Brianna Studing, junior, has many different pets. Studing has three bulldogs named Belle, Burton, and Lady, and a mutt named Muncie.

Studing’s advice for those who want to adopt a dog is to “just do it.”

Wendy Gomez, junior, also has a dog.

“She’s a boxer and her name is Queen,” Gomez stated. Like many dogs, Queen never leaves Gomez’s side.

“She’s clingy and needs constant attention,” Gomez said. “She also gives hugs.”

Dylan Stanley, junior, has a dog named Joey.

“He is half shih tzu and half poodle,” Stanley said.

Stanley has had Joey for seven years, and he received the dog as an early Christmas present. 

“He is neurotic and barks a lot, but he’s very sweet and snuggly,” Stanley said.

Stanley’s advice for future dog owners is to “make sure you can handle the responsibility of owning a pet. 

Elyse Musil, junior, has a bichon- shih tzu named Rizzo. 

“We wanted to get a family pet, so we convinced our parents by making up a song,” Musil said. 

Rizzo is eight years old and he takes daily medication for many healh problems.

Emma Sayler, junior, has a miniature poodle named Charlotte. 

Although Charlotte tends to look like a rat, her personality is very loving and energetic. 

Pets of all shapes and sized are owned by students, but dogs are highly favored by all.